There are a number of reasons why the colour of your teeth may change.


Food and beverages

It is important to brush and floss your teeth daily to keep it healthy and bright. However, if you still feel that your teeth lack shine then you may need to go for tooth whitening. Most people would want to improve their smile and for that, they visit the doctor to get their teeth whitened.

If you are thinking about getting your teeth whitened then it is important that you know the facts about it. You could also visit this site to know all the details of why your teeth have staining and if it needs a teeth whitening treatment. The intake of coffee, red wine or tea may be linked to staining of the teeth. These have chromogens which are very high colour pigments and this gets attached to the enamel of the teeth.


Tar and nicotine is present in tobacco and these two chemicals create some stubborn stains on the teeth. Nicotine when mixed with oxygen becomes yellow in colour and this stains the surface. Dentin is the part that is present under the enamel. With time the outer layer of the teeth or the enamel gets thin and when brushed more then the dentin starts to show

The tooth changes colour if you get hit in the mouth. This is because of a reaction to the injury that shows more dentin. Dentin is a darker layer that is present under the enamel. Medications also tend to affect the colour of the teeth. Some high blood pressure medicines or antipsychotics lead to tooth staining. Children who are exposed to tetracycline may tend to have some discoloration.


Teeth whitening is a process where the whitening product that is used contains hydrogen peroxide or carbaminde peroxide which are a kind of bleach. These bleach work by breaking the stains in to small pieces and this lightens the colour and makes the teeth bright. But it is important to know that the tooth whitening may not be effective on all teeth. It is thus important that before you use a whitening treatment ensure that you consult your dentist about the same. This is because a whitener cannot correct all types of stains. Your dentist will tell you that the teeth that if yellow will get bleached well, the teeth that is brown may not show a lot of results and the teeth that are grey may not be treated at all.

In case you have crowns or fillings then the whitening process will not work on them. Also in case the discoloration was caused because of a tooth injury or a medication, the treatment may not be effective. In case you want to get your teeth whitened, then you should first consult your dentist who will guide you through the best treatment method. There are there ways by which you can get your teeth brightened.

All the toothpastes that are available in the market help to remove the stains by using a mild abrasive that scrubs the teeth. There are many whitening tooth pastes that have a special polishing agent or chemical that helps to get rid of the additional stain. These toothpastes do not bleach the teeth but they remove additional stain on the teeth. Chairside bleaching is where you visit the dentist clinic for the procedure. The dentist applies a gel on the gums or he uses a rubber shield that helps to protect the gums. After this he applies bleach on the teeth.

Bleaching at home is also possible by using whiteners that contain peroxide; it helps to bleach the enamel of the tooth. This comes in the form of a gel and it needs to be placed in a tray that fits the teeth. You can also use a whitening strip to stick to your teeth. The bleaching agent is less concentrated than what is used by the dentist in the office. However, in case you want to try out the whitening kits that are available over-the-counter then it is important that you know the options and consult a doctor before using one to know whether they are safe and effective . Those who use teeth whitening products may experience sensitivity in their teeth. In most cases, however, the sensitivity is short lived. Also if the whiteners are overused then it may tend to damage the gums and the enamel. It is thus important that the directions are followed properly.